Why this business means more to me then you would ever imagine....

I started this business in the middle of dark days. My business partner turned out to be an incompetent thief and my boyfriend turned out to be an accomplished liar living multiple lives.

I stopped drinking after 14 years, a blessing but a difficult journey where a person feels undiagnosed mental health issues and unprocessed traumas without the alcohol filter for the first time and my decades-long struggles with suicide ideation kicked into overdrive.

During the first six months movies, friends, AA attendees, everyone echoed "family's all you need". I'd heard the saying before, but it was easy to ignore. Now my sober mind noticed it and played it on repeat.

All I had left was an Uncle and my Grandpas that I seldom spoke to. Kids aren't a part of my journey so I knew if I didn't create a fulfilling life, I would feel I had no reason to stay alive, let alone sober.

I stopped focusing on what I didn't have and focused on what I could have. I grew closer with my beloved Grandpa and in return I've received a family's worth of support from a single, amazing human being.

Before sobriety, I dreamed of being a philanthropist and it became clear this was my life purpose. My goal's to use the income from this business to fund the start-up of other businesses, each one will infinitely fund a specific charitable endeavor. PKC has given back 3% from the beginning as well!

My biggest dream is a self-sustainable property with affordable housing and employment opportunities for my fellow people with Moderate to Severe Autism AND/OR Sensory Processing Disorder. I've been through a lot in life, but as a person with severe SPD nothing has caused as many struggles as finding housing and employment that doesn't hurt my physical/mental health.

Living with SPD has led to a loss of housing and jobs multiple times, even causing homelessness while I ran this business. For years I had issues with rentals becoming noisy after I moved in, impacting my sleep and ability to decompress or work in a healthy environment. Plus I worked extreme hours that would burn out anyone. I got to the point where I knew I had to quit one of my jobs; the one that paid rent or the business that could make me a philanthropist one day.

The choice was clear and I spent most of the next 18 months living in my truck, working in hotels or my storage unit at night. Years of poor sleep, the effects of living in public with a Processing disorder, and long-term autism burnout led to Psychosis. I still can't comprehend how I or my business survived, but I came out the other side with a stronger understanding of severe mental health issues and this strengthened my drive to help those afflicted someday.

April 2020, my beloved Grandfather gave me his Stimulus check and I bounced back from homelessness and today I work from home. My mental health has improved so much in the six years I've worked on it. I'm blessed with increased energy and clarity to focus on my goals, all because I work in an Autism-friendly environment I can thrive in. I'm grateful for the hardships that gave me insight and understanding of others' struggles. I look forward to serving this planet, the animals, and the humans more and more every year!

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