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            These Raw, Vegan and Organic products are created in small batches in beautiful Northern California. Each ingredient was thoughtfully chosen based on its external medicinal value, nutrient content or for its ability to detox your body via your biggest organ, your skin. All of these products are extra strength and provide fast results!

            Mother nature's my Best Friend! As I child in Texas I was obsessed with books about living in the woods and day dreamed of that world regularly. I also naturally questioned why my food had so many non food ingredients but didn't know of another option so I kept up with the status quo. Using conventional body products and eating non organic food had left me with random rashes, uneven skin tone, almost daily headaches, nausea and low energy. When I was 20 I set out on my journey to live in the woods, I drove around the country to find somewhere beautiful ending up in Northern California, the mecca of Organic food and natural, backwoods living. In the decade since I first landed here I have acquired knowledge from people that have been fully entranced in natural living for up to 60 years, plus countless books. I switched to a fully organic diet almost immediately and after many tries I found body products that were natural enough to not cause skin irritations. All health complaints went away too. 

              Years ago when I started this business I used my knowledge of herbal medicine and combined that with my personal faith in the science behind the raw food diet. While living fully raw in my mid-twenties I learned how much heat decreases the nutritional value and energy of your food, you can feel and see the difference through your entire body and mind. This is also true for the medicinal value and strength of herbs. Heat decrease its effectiveness and changes the molecular structure of the ingredient, often making it incompatible for absorption by the body. I truly believe that my no heat production methods and using only cold processed ingredients combined with my high herb per product count is why the products work so well for people that have tried countless things with no avail. The power of herbs still amaze me after all these years and I am so grateful to share my supremely natural line with others at an affordable price. I think anyone who wants/needs high quality 100% Organic products should be able to afford them!

          My goal in life is to run a plethora of non profit businesses and one of the biggest forces behind me starting this business is to reach that goal while also providing a needed service.  I've made sure that Phoenix K Creations has been giving back since the beginning, it is 3% currently and I'm looking forward to that percentage growing with my business! Donations are given to various Human rights, Animal Rescue/preservation or Community organizations such as the Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue or Bird Ally X, two of the Charities PKC gave to in its first year of operations.


      This is a green business and all orders ship in the smallest(but still big enough to be safe) 100% recycled boxes, labels, tape and tissue paper.


Contact Information:

Phoenix Kasper-Owner & Operator

  • 960 NW Hobart Ave #4, Corvallis, Or
  • 707-331-6557
  • PhoenixKCreations@gmail.com


*Refunds are not guaranteed and will be handled on a case by case basis. Returns are not accepted per FDA regulation. Shipments are insured with USPS but please note insurance does not cover mail theft. More information on the Shipping page.