Shipping Information

Free Shipping on all orders to the US!

All shipments are sent in 100% Recycled packaging, from the boxes to the filling, tape and labels. 

Shipments are processed in 1-2 business days and ship from Oregon.

 International Shipping Cost(Anywhere outside of the United States)

0-1 lb. = $12.00

1-2 lb. = $18.00

2-3 lb. = $23.00

3-4 lb. = $28.00

4lbs. or more = $35.00

PSA- With the high levels of mail theft going on I advise telling your USPS driver to hide packages in a designated spot by adding a note on the "Apartment # line" on your shipping address. The number one prevention method is getting the cheapest PO Box and shipping packages there. Package insurance doesn't cover theft so prevention is best choice.