Athlete's Foot & Foot Odor Wash- 4 Oz.

Athlete's Foot & Foot Odor Wash- 4 Oz.

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Most soaps are harsh and throw off skin's pH balance, creating dryness and increasing chances of skin irritations, ailments and environmental damage. This sensitive skin friendly, Apple Cider Vinegar blend corrects skin's pH balance for a healthy protective acid mantle layer, which is needed to protect our skin from germs, bacteria and pollution. It also kills bacteria, removes excess dirt, oil and dissolves dead skin cells. The vinegar's natural alpha-hydroxy acids and acetic acid will stimulate circulation for detoxification, cleanse skin thoroughly and kill odor causing bacteria and fungus.

The Raw & Organic Apple Cider Vinegar has been cold infused with an herb blend full of antibacterials, antimicrobials, antifungals, astringents, antiseptics, and anti-inflammatories. Everything you could possibly need to treat athlete's foot, toenail fungus or kill foot odor causing bacteria. On top of that, many of the herbs are aromatic and have deodorizing qualities. Athlete's foot and the conditions that lead to foot odor are often drying and sometimes painful for your skin. This wash is deeply moisturizing, emollient and helps regenerate skin cells to sooth and heal your skin.

Directions: Rinse feet thoroughly then apply. Can be used as a soap but is most beneficial when lightly applied after shower and not rinsed off. Can be used to wash socks, shoes or flip flops. For foot soak add this Wash, baking soda, sea salt and/or clay.

Organic Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar cold infused with Black Tea, Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Ginger, Oregano, Neem Leaf, Clove, Cinnamon, Calendula, Fennel, Myrrh, Eucalyptus and Vitamin E Oil.

**This is a completely liquid, no lather face wash. No unnecessary fillers or thickeners used so that all ingredients help with Athlete's foot and Foot Odor. A little goes further than you think! Safe on sensitive skin but may need to be diluted with water for very sensitive skin**

Black Tea: Tannic acid in tea has a natural astringent property that helps to kill the fungus and its activities. It also has a soothing effect and helps dry your foot.

Cinnamon: Anti-fungal, anti-perspirant, powerful antibacterial, deodorant.

Clove: Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, powerful antioxidant high in minerals and vitamins.

Eucalyptus: Immense healing properties, deodorant, analgesic, antifungal, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial. Reduces pain and inflammation from Athlete's Foot. Stimulates circulation and and removal of waste products and toxins from the tissue that commonly cause Athlete's foot. Eucalyptus helps new tissue form, healing the damage to your skin caused by this ailment.

Myrrh: Painkiller, antiseptic, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, astringent. deodorant. Speeds healing time of the skin.

Calendula: This superstar skin healer is antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and astringent. Laboratory studies have shown calendula to be a better antifungal than some conventional antifungal medications.

Lavender: Deodorant, strong anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. The compound in Lavender, alph-pinene, has been found to cure the infection.

Ginger: Antibacterial, antifungal. Ginger contains a powerful healing compound called caprylic acid which can cure fungal skin infections.

White Sage: The compounds such as eucalyptol in white sage tea have antibiotic and anti-allergenic effects. Antifungal, Speeds healing time. Tannic acids help treat and prevent athlete's foot.

Neem Leaf: Antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, and antiparasitic.

Rosemary: This potent herb is used to disinfect the air in hospitals! Antifungal, antiseptic, antiparasitic. The compound in Rosemary, alph-pinene, has been found to cure the infection.

Oregano: Antifungal, antiviral, deodorant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

Fennel:Deodorant, antifungal.

Vitamin E Oil: Antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, Natural preservative.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.