Fully Customizable Sample Kit
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Fully Customizable Sample Kit

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Design your own kit, inside and out! Create a one of kind gift for your friend or personalize a kit just for you!!

Choose one of each section below:

1/2 Oz Face Oil- Anti-aging, Pore minimizing, Acne & Scars or Herbal Face Oil.

1/2 Oz. Misc. Oil- Shaving Oil, Hair Oil, Hand Sanitizer, Athlete's Foot & Foot Oder, Healthy Nails, Hella Uses Oil, Oral Pulling Oil, Skin Soothing Body Oil.

2 Oz. Face or Body Scrub- Anti-aging, Pore minimizing, Acne & Scars, Herbal Face Scrub, Energizing or Lymph Cleansing.

2 Oz. Wash or Rinse- Herbal Hair Rinse, Face & Body Wash, Detoxifying Hair Rinse, Acne & Scars, Pore Minimizing, Anti- Aging or Herbal Face Wash.

2 Oz. Face Mask- Anti-aging, Pore minimizing, Acne & Scars or Herbal Face Mask.

4 Oz. Hair or Body Mask- Detoxifying Scalp & Hair Mask, Conditioning Hair Mask, Body Mask or Lymph Cleansing Body Mask

Put your selections into the Buyers Notes when purchasing. You can choose the name on the front of the kit or it will come labeled as "Dabble-de-do-da Kit". To further customize your kit choose Gift Box w/ Photo option, send me the image and the photo will replace the Logo on the front of the Gift Box.

Please reach out to me if you would like help picking the right product combo for you or a loved one!