Herbal Hair Rinse

Herbal Hair Rinse

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Apple Cider Vinegar rinses are becoming quite popular these days and for good reason! Harsh soap based Shampoos, even natural ones, can throw off your hair and scalp's pH balance. This damages the acidic mantle which protects from moisture loss and is instrumental in making hair smooth and shiny. ACV restores the acidic mantle and provides potassium, pectin, calcium, Vitamins B & C, beneficial acids and enzymes for healthy, lustrous hair. ACV contains natural alpha-hydroxy acid, which gently exfoliates the scalp and hair, removing dead skin cells, hair product buildup or air pollution and hard, unfiltered water residue buildup. This improves the appearance of the hair, reduces itchiness and dandruff, and allows for better styling. A cleaner scalp equals more oxygen and nutrients reach hair follicles for better hair strength and faster hair growth. ACV hydrates the scalp, balancing sebum production to correct oily or dry hair. 

This Raw, Unfiltered ACV has been cold infused for 30 days with an herb blend that strengthens and deeply nourishes your hair, preventing split ends and decreasing their appearance. Specially formulated to increase blood circulation, promoting hair growth and restoring natural sheen. This organic blend is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids. Rhassoul Clay pumps up the cleansing and detoxification ability plus adds minerals and silica. Vitamin E increases circulation, promotes hair growth, high in antioxidants, slows greying, strengthens hair, increases shine, treats split ends and acts as a natural preservative. This blend is full strength with no water added! 

Directions: Apply a small amount of undiluted ACV Rinse to very wet hair and scalp, applying more to the scalp than the ends. Leave on for 30-90 seconds then rinse. 

How you use this product is up to you but here are a few ideas; replacement for your shampoo and conditioner OR as a replacement for your conditioner applying after your regular shampoo OR use after your current shampoo/ conditioner routine to correct the pH balance OR leave on for 5+ minutes as a weekly deep treatment. 

Since this is full strength it can be diluted with water. How much Herbal Hair Rinse and water you use really depends on your hair type, how often you wash your hair and how you style it. Play around with it and start with mostly, or all Hair Rinse. Add more water if it leaves your hair to oily, people with dry hair commonly prefer full strength.

**This is a completely liquid, no lather rinse. No unnecessary pH damaging fillers, thickeners or soaps used.**

Organic Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Calendula, Horsetail, Basil, Amla, Reishi, Parsley, Brahmi, Marshmallow, Rosemary, Chamomile, Arnica, Burdock Root, Rhassoul Clay, Vitamin E Oil.

Calendula: Hydrates scalp, treats dandruff, heals damaged scalp. Regenerative properties help hair follicles grow abundantly. 

Horsetail: Most silica known to the plant family which forms collagen, strengthening weak, brittle, damaged hair. High in minerals it gives shin, increases elasticity, treats pattern balding and promotes circulation.

Basil: Increases blood circulation, stimulates hair growth, antioxidant. 

Amla: High in vitamin C, conditions hair, anti dandruff, rich in fatty acids that strengthen follicles and hair.

Reishi: Prevents balding, restorative tonic for hair, high in antioxidants, improves circulation, strengthens hair follicles, fights premature greying.

Parsley: High in vitamin C, increases scalp circulation promoting hair growth.

Brahmi: Nourishes scalp and hair, coats hair with a layer of protection preventing split ends. Nourishes roots preventing hair loss, nourishes and moisturizes scalp preventing dandruff and scalp itch.

Marshmallow Root: Used on hair for almost 3000 years, detangler, moisturizes hair and scalp, rich in protein and vitamins.

Rosemary: Allows appearance of grey hairs, treats dandruff, adds shine, increased scalp circulation, nourishes scalp and hair.

Chamomile: Prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, brings out natural highlights.

Arnica: Cleanses and rejuvenates scalp, provides shine, softens and detangles hair, rejuvenates hair follicles, strengthens hair, prevents split ends and premature greying.

Burdock: Rich in essential fatty acids, iron and potassium as well as an important amino acid for building protein found in hair. Promotes hair growth by increasing circulation, relieves scalp irritation.

Apple Cider Vinegar: packed with nutrients that are great for building luscious locks, including B vitamins, vitamin C and potassium. Because it is slightly acidic, it also serves to restore the natural pH of the acid mantle

Rhassoul Clay: Clay might sound harsh to put on your hair but Rhassoul actually moisturizes your hair while deeply cleansing and detoxifying, leaving your hair softer, stronger and healthier! Very rich in minerals and silica.

Vitamin E Oil: Stimulates growth of capillaries, increases circulation and hair growth, antioxidants, slows aging process and greying, strengthens hair, increases shine, treats split ends.

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