Raw & Organic Beauty Products, Herbal Remedies & Topical Detoxes!

By Phoenix K Creations


I'm in my 30s and have been struggling with BV for about 15 years now. The harsh "diy" treatments that you find on the internet just throw your pH levels off. The Rx meds usually make me feel lousey. I was exhausted with looking for treatment. I came across this and I was very skeptical but I also extremely hopeful. I can just say that not only has it exceed my expectations in a very short period of time (less that a week) this will be a new staple in my beauty arsenal. I am 100% sold! If you've tried all the other remedies and nothing has worked, definitely try this! You'll be much more confident and happy! Thank you Phoenix Kasper!! This product has changed my life in a BIG way. I am so thankful to have found your product!

Alicia on Y.I./B.V. Kit

To say I love this product is an understatement. My hair can't live without this stuff - it's amazing! I have medium thickness, naturally (spiral) curly hair with a heavy frizz component. Since using the Happy Hair Oil, I don't have to use store bought conditioners or detangling treatments because this stuff does EVERYTHING for my hair. I use it once or twice a week and my hair remains tangle-free many days after application - as promised. My hair is virtually frizz-free and requires no other products. Most importantly: my scalp is no longer irritated or itchy. Bye bye T-Gel and other chemical garbage! Not only am I saving tons of money on the various PRODUCTS I NO LONGER HAVE TO BUY, but I'm supporting a local business, using hand made products with natural ingredients.

Michele Slape on Happy Hair Oil

This is my second bottle of this amazing stuff. My skin loves these products and this will last you for a while. Works wonders on my skin especially for someone like me who is on hormone therapy (which causes to have acne breakouts) Ever since I've been using this not only it has treated the scars but I haven't had any breakouts for like 3-4 months! Prices are also reasonable and affordable!

Sigva on Acne & Scars Oil

I used this on my scalp...provided immediate relief from itching. I use about every other day. Nothing I've tried has worked up until now. I'm so thrilled!

        -Ghinton on Psoriasis/Eczema Oil

Honestly... the best mud mask I've ever used. I love the smell, it's instantly soothing, and I can feel it stimulate circulation. Amazing, and totally LOVE the other products as well.

Amber White on Body Mask