Raw Vegan Skin & Body Care

We are the only Raw Vegan Skincare Company on the planet!

All of our products are made using 100% organic herbs and clays, never heated, preserving the molecular structure of each ingredient used, increasing the body's ability to absorb the product.

Our products truly work with all skin types in a way that products containing man-made or plant-derived "natural" ingredients simply cannot.

More About Us
  • Happy Hair Oil

    To say I love this product is an understatement. My hair can't live without this stuff - it's amazing! Since using this oil,I don't have to use store bought conditioners or detanglers, this stuff does EVERYTHING! Not only am I saving tons of money on the various PRODUCTS I NO LONGER HAVE TO BUY, but I'm supporting a local business, using hand made products with natural ingredients.- Michele S.

  • Face Wash- Acne Prone Skin

    Oh. My. God. This sh*t is AMAZING godly MAGIC. I came across this going down the Etsy rabbit hole and was taken aback by the incredible reviews it was receiving. Naturally I had to try for myself. Holy Moses on a boat, this stuff nourishes your face immediately, I swear. I have very sensitive dry skin with textured areas. I no longer have to exfoliate my face with scrubs and it actually works better than all of the chemical peels I’ve tried. It's incredibly potent, so you can dilute it and it still works. I’m amazed that these natural herbal ingredients are so powerful together and I feel very good about what I’m putting on my skin.- Meagan C.

  • Body Mask

    Honestly... the best mud mask I've ever used. I love the smell, it feels cooling while it's on. Amazing, and totally LOVE the other products as well.- Amber W.


    Amazing Product. My skin feels and looks amazing after using this body Mask. It didn't take much to cover me either.- Tara L.